Rishers Window Works - Will work without pulling floirda permit required by law

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Please be aware that Rishers Window's is willing to go to work for you without pulling a building permit.This allows them to install windows withbout obligating the required instalation of hurricane shutters as required by Florida law (at a lowball price.).

The catch is , if an inspecdtor "catches" them on your jobsite, you must step up to the plate and pay them for this required shutter instillation service as dictated by Florida law. They will even promise to start work on a Saturday, when he inspectors are not working to accomidate you... Lastly, their stratagy is to stretch this job out over a period of 3-4 weeks in order to justify the 25% replacement rule per calander year if questioned by inpectors. Rishers told me they would just tell the inspector they were waiting for the shutters to arive before they "pulled a permit." So, no final inspection on their work for you by state inspectors on their work plus the extra agrivation of putting in a claim (if needed down the road) only to discover that the insurance company might not not pay you due to no permit pulled at time of service...Would you want to do business with a company with these work ethics?


they even put this in writing for me!

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